missing you is like feeling homesick for a place I’ve only seen in postcards

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Anonymous: I want to follow you but you'll find out who I am (and my blog) and I don't want anyone to find out my blog so now I'm stalking you. (creepy right)

It’s okay! Thank you for wasting time on my blog. And I’m gonna respond to your second message on this one because I’m really past that phase and it was a really hard time but I’m better now. Thank you! And yes, I can say I’m okay now, compared to how I was a year ago. :)

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It’s been two summers and all I could do is to retrace my steps to where I first met you. 

I’ve been upturning rocks in the rubble that’s left of you, trying to find remnants of your being breeding with all the dirt and stale air that still carries a scent of you. 

In my attempt to reconstruct it all, my hands quiver with the weight of the sharp edged despondency pressing on the void that’s been gathering dust in my insides.

It’s been two summers and all this retracing and reconstructing has been wearing out the spaces you left within this mess of wretched longing and hopelessness.

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John Lennon and Paul McCartney, India 1966. Photo by Ringo Starr. 

“I don’t remember the very first shots I took with a fish eye but these were really early. This one was done on small film, which means that you don’t get the full circle [from the fish eye], which is a drag. But they still look pretty good. This is the first time we went to India, not when we went with the Maharishi. We stopped in Dehli on the way back from the Philippines, and the British Airways people took us around. When you get to India you realise you don’t know what’s going on. We did have a good time in India and I suppose this shot is pretty atmospheric.” -Ringo

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Olive Park and The River

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